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Spotify Premium Up To 12 Months 1 Year [Existing Or New Account] Fast Delivery

Наявність на складі: В наявності
Артикул: 192920056338
Постачальник: hooks_77 (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Cincinnati, Ohio
Рейтинг постачальника: 98.9 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 1 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 407 грн. + 490 грн. (доставка)

UPC: Does not apply

Ціна: 897 грн


50% limited time Offer, Buy before it ends.
Item Description

This Item is a Digital Delivery Item contains an Invitation Link will be sent to your eBay Messages only.Warranty is only 6 Months, It's not a 12 months warranty so expect at least a 6 months of working account.
The subscription is random, due to errors that happens randomly, it might work for a few days-weeks-months, We are trying so hard not to let that happen, but of course it might happen at any level and that's what is our warranty for.This is a long term Item, we are trying to help all cases PLEASE DO NOT OPEN A CASE UNLESS YOU CONTACT US FIRST, Opening a case makes it even longer to fix your Issues.You might not be able to use the same account in the long future, If you are worried about your playlists, we offer a way to merge them it won't take 5 Minutes.
Service we offer

Upgrading same AccountCreating you a new accountMerge your playlists in case if you have a problem and you need to change your account.We Can create an account and merge the playlists for you.

How It Works

We will need only to know the country that you created your account in, nothing more.If you are purchasing an account, Don't read the below lines, Let us know in the notesWe Provide all the countries that have Family plan only, other countries will need to change their account's country or we can do it for you.
Example for Countries we Provide...

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France,  Spain, Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Singapore, Peru, Philippine, Hungary, Brazil, Poland, Australia, Mexico, Finland, Hong Kong, Argentina, Norway, Denmark, Chile, Greece, Latvia
, Czech Republic, Portugal

Example for Countries that do not have family plan but will still work...
Israel can be provided if you change the account's country.
Russia can be provided If you change the account's Country.
Korea can be provided If you change the account's Country.
If you want to make sure that we can provide your country Contact Us.

Delivery And Fixes

Delivery on the Invitations From 1 hour to 8 hours, Also you must understand it may even take up to 24 hours, as we have working hours we will release them soon enough when we can.Fixing your current purchased account/Invitation will take shorter but also please in any case wait up to 24 hours we will add any lost time into your warranty.

We offer a very long service it's hard to accept refunds but....
Refund can be accepted in the first 5 days if you didn't read the "description or an accepted reason"Partial Refunds can be accepted only If we cannot provide the service anymore.Partial Refunds will be offered If we decided there are many problems happening nonstop "Premium stops more than 5 times for example or in a very short periods at many times".


You can see our feedback, We've been doing this for more than 6 months, we are reliable on our warranty and the most honest seller.If you really like our service, You can leave a Feedback, It's not mandatory.


Why our service is higher than others?
Because we offer a fixing issues system, Partial refund system, We do not Ignore our customers.

Will I be able to use the same account in the future?
No, you might not be able to use the same account in the future please put that in mind, Also you might still use the same account on the future.

Will I lose my playlists If I change my account?
No, You will never lose your playlists If you change your account.

I've lost my premium and it took you so long to reply.
In case when you lose your premium, Any lost minute that we didn't reply in will be automatically added into Your warranty so you will get at least the full warranty length or longer.

Can I buy more than 1 or upgrade again in the future?
Yes You can.

I don't see my country in the listing?
Please leave a message with your country name.

What If you don't have my country?
We can change your account's country or you can do it yourself and you still can be premium

If I order an account can I change anything?
Yes you can change it's email and password, unlike any other seller we create a whole new account only for you so it's not pre-created or made before you will get a fresh account upon your purchase.

Any copy of this Item description will be reported.

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