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GEN4™ Tungsten Grinder / Sharpener Multi-Angle & Offsets, Cut-Off Port ,TIG!

Наявність на складі: В наявності
Артикул: 183207796495
Стан: Новий
Постачальник: zerotoleranceindustries (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Lewiston, Minnesota
Рейтинг постачальника: 99.0 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 5 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 3672 грн. + 490 грн. (доставка) + розтаможка 486 грн.

Non-Domestic Product: No
Model: GEN4
Modified Item: No
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Custom Bundle: No
MPN: Does Not Apply
Brand: TungstenMate

Ціна: 4647 грн


*** Beware of fake copies of the GEN4 popping up on Ebay.  They look similar, but are fatally flawed, they could sell them for $5 bucks and they'd still be worthless, as they position your tungsten incorrectly across the face of the wheel and are not multi-offset.  See details at the end of our ad***

Introducing the GEN4™ Tungsten Grinder with 4 Integrated Tungsten Grind Angles (22.5°, 20°, 15° and 10°) , 4 Guide Offsets, 4 Tungsten Guides ( .040, 1/16, 3/32 & 1/8) and a  machined in Tungsten Cut-Off Port, the all New GEN4™ offers more features then any Tungsten Grinder on the market!  Rotary Tool Not Included.

We took a hard look at Multi-Offset, Multi-Angle Units, past and present and set about to create an affordable All-In-One fully CNC machined Tungsten Grinder that would offer more features and performance then any Grinder on the market, regardless of price and the GEN4™ is the end result!   

GEN4™ Features: 

4 Grind Angles all integrated into one unit!  22.5°, 20°, 15° and 10° (45°, 40°, 30°, 20° Included Angle respectively)

-  4 Guide Offsets.  By staggering the guides across the face of the wheel, wheel life is increased 4 fold!  We've found that with 6 or 8 offsets, wheel life is no longer extended appreciably as the grind paths just start to overlap.  By reducing the unnecessary number of offsets, we are able to reduce the cost and offer other features that are much more beneficial!

-  4 Brass Tungsten Guides.  040, 1/16, 3/32 & 1/8" all Included and recessed deep into the thicker sidewalls so they don't get snagged on your clothing!  Our Guides are CNC machined to insure the concentric, on-center and tight tolerance needed to properly support and guide your Tungsten!

Machined in Tungsten Cut-Off Port.  An absolute must for any Tungsten Grinder.  Without the ability to Cut-Off your contaminated Tungsten, even the smallest contaminate on the end of your Tungsten can prohibit you from inserting it through the tight tolerance guides.  

Quick-Change Hex Headed Mandrel with hex key.  This feature is truly a blessing and hard to appreciate if you've never owned another model with phillips or flat screws that always fall off when you are trying to change them, this makes the process quick and painless, you'll see!  

- CNC Precision Machined of unbreakable Delrin.

Fits most all rotary tools with a 3/4-12 thread including Black and Decker, Milwaukee, Dremel and More!

Included with your purchase:

- Qty 1 GEN4™ Tungsten Sharpener with 4 Guide Offsets

- Qty 4 Brass Guides    040, 1/16, 3/32 & 1/8"

- Qty 4  Grind Angles:  22.5°, 20°, 15° and 10° (45°, 40°, 30°, 20° Included Angles respectively)

- Qty 1 Mandrel with Hex Screw and Wrench (makes wheel changing a breeze compared to phillips or slotted screws, you'll see!)

- Qty 2 Double sided diamond wheels.  

Rotary tool pictured not included.  We recommend the Black and Decker RTX if you don't have a rotary tool, they can be had for around 30.00 on Ebay.

Zero-Tolerance Industries was founded in 2009 and offers a full service CNC Machine Shop for all your manufacturing needs!

Always wear, eye, respiratory and protective clothing when welding and using your TungstenMate.

Note:  Model is universal fit and may not fit all models of rotary tools.  Please check fit to verify. Pictures are representative of product, but may have minor variations in detail and color.

All video, photo and print contents of this Ad Copyright 2019 ZeroTolerance Industries.

The GEN4 is Made in the USA by Veterans!

***Warning:  It has come to our attention that unscrupulous foreign manufactures are trying to copy the GEN4.   Beware that the copies are not a true multiple offset and position the tungsten incorrectly so that the tungsten does not grind completely parallel with the wheel.  The copies incorrectly angle the tungsten more perpendicular across the face of the wheel which creates a grain pattern of rings around your tungsten which negatively effects the stability of your arc.   Our GEN4 correctly positions all 4 guides parallel with the wheel grind direction and creates a grain pattern that extends parallel and in line with the Tungsten point, creating a significantly more stable arc!***  

Actual Picture of a Fake Chinese Copy.  They don't show you this picture because it illustrates their product is defective:

Machining a TungstenMate:

TungstenMate Machining - YouTube

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