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1200 M Remote Dog Training Shock Collar Hunting Trainer Waterproof Rechargeable

Наявність на складі: В наявності
Артикул: 121987642916
Стан: Новий
Постачальник: legendzonetrade (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Nashville, Tennessee
Рейтинг постачальника: 100.0 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 1 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 2949 грн. + 490 грн. (доставка) + розтаможка 125 грн.

Type: Remote Trainer
Range: 1300 yards/1200 meters
Size: One Size
Dog Size: XS
Model: EP-380R
MPN: EP380R1
Control Method: Static/Shock
Animal: Dogs
Features: Adjustable Shock Levels
UPC: 765857320830

Ціна: 3563 грн

EasyPet ®  EP-380R Ultra Range Remote Dog Training Shock Collar No Bark Trainer

Main Features

 🐶SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE REMOTE DOG OBEDIENCE TRAINING COLLAR:Pet trainer collars/devices can help you teach your puppy/puppies,young and adult dogs basic obedience commands and correct bad behaviors. Keep them from chewing,biting,digging, jumping on people, chasing cars or domestic animals or people, excessive barking. Simply push a button to get your dog under control;

 🐶ULTRA REMOTE RANGE: This remote dog trainer offers a remote range up to 1200 meters/1300 yards in open fields. You will find this remote dog training shock collar a great tool for outdoor training, sports, field trips or hunting purpose

🐶 RUGGED CONSTRUCTION, FULLY WATERPROOF: The dog shock collar receiver has rugged construction, fully waterproof / submersible. . It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days with a single full battery charge.

🐶ADJUSTABLE LEVELS OF STATIC PULSE STIMULATION: Non-electric shock levels from low to high(1-99). Higher levels can be the strong deterrent/corrector to correct stubborn large breed of dogs.

About Our  EasyPet® EP-380R Remote Dog Training  Shock Collar Trainer System:

🌟Our top quality EasyPet® EP-380R Remote Dog Training Collar is a very effective multi-dog training system, which provide all of the features for reliable, safe and humane training. This remote dog trainer features an easy-to-use RECHARGEABLE TRANSMITTER with large LCD display (& backlight function), a SMALL,RECHARGEABLE & FULLY SUBMERSIBLE COLLAR RECEIVER50 groups of warning tones (of different frequencies), 10 levels of vibration corrections99 levels of static pulse stimulation corrections (The static stimulation at Level 1 is very mild for sensitive healthy dogs. Level 99 is a lot stronger compared to Level 1 for stubborn healthy dogs.). BOTH CE CERTIFIED AND ROHS APPROVED.

🌟 This is the latest version of EP-380R with a newly designed collar receiver and remote range can go up to 1200 METERS in open fields. The new collar receiver is SMALL IN SIZE (approx 4.5cm*3.7cm*3cm, L*W*H, L excluding brackets) but the small size does not reduce the effectiveness of corrections on large dogs.

🌟The collar receiver is solid built, rechargeable and fully waterproof / submersible and your dog can wear it for any out-door training. It comes with a large capacity rechargeable battery and is fully compatible with the previous version. 

🌟The handset transmitter is rechargeable (new output: 5V1A) and water-resistant (not submersible). It is rubber-coated with backlight function and large buttons for comfortable and convenient use.

🌟EasyPet® EP-380R is a simple and effective dog obedience training tool in the palm of your hand. It can help you teach your dog basic obedience commands and stop behaviors like digging, jumping, eating poo, chasing sheep, bark controlling, and a lot more. The real beauty of EP-380R is that by using it correctly, you can lower the number of corrections needed and also lower the intensity of the correction.  You can also take out the "human" element of the correction. Since you can correct the dog at 1200 meters (in open fields) with a collar receiver, you don't need to run him down in order to make a physical correction!

 More Information about the 3 Correction Modes

Warning Tone Correction: There are 50 groups of warning tones in different frequencies. Each warning tone is about 2 second long beeping in different frequency. These can be used for praise and warning for your dog.

Vibration Correction: There are 10 levels of vibration corrections. Level 1 is the weakest one and level 10 is the strongest one. These can be used for silent warning or recall.

Static Pulse Stimulation Correction: There are 99 levels of static pulse stimulation corrections. They are divided into 10 different groups of intensity (from mildest to strongest). Each correction group is again divided into 10 types of correction with different correction durations (from 200ms/0.2 second to 2 seconds. Within the same group, each higher level will have about 0.2 second increased on correction duration).

For example, Level 1 has the mildest static pulse stimulation intensity and the shortest correction duration (200ms/0.2 seconds), Level 2 will have the same intensity as Level 1 but the correction duration will be about 0.4 second - about 0.2 second longer than Level 1. While at Level 10, it still has the same mildest static pulse intensity (same as Level 1) but with the longest correction duration (2 seconds). 

From Level 11, the intensity will be increased to a slightly higher level than the one of Level 1 to Level 10, and the correction duration again is back to the shortest one (200ms/0.2 second), while Level 20 will have the same intensity as Level 11 but has the longest correction duration (2 seconds).

From Level 90 to Level 99, it has the strongest static pulse stimulation intensity again with different correction durations (from 200ms/0.2 second to 2 seconds).

Collar Receiver Specifications:

Receiver size: L*W*H: approx 4.5cm (excluding brackets)*3.7cm*3cm;

Collar strap adjustable from approx  8"-24"/8cm to 55cm (You can also use your own strap as long as it does not exceed 2mm in thickness  & 17mm in width or contact us for a longer strap);

Collar strap is made of high quality TPU(Polyurethane) coated nylon webbing. It is strong, robust and waterproof.  BLACK strap will be sent out by default for one dog system.

Weight: approx 1.8 oz/52g (excluding collar strap);

Rechargeable (charger output: 5V1A).

 Transmitter Handset Specification:

Size: L*W*H: approx 12cm*5cm*2.5cm (L*W*H, length includes antenna)

Weight: approx 2.2 oz/62g;

Power: Rechargeable with replaceable battery(charger output: 5V1A)

 Package Contents:

1 x  Rechargeable transmitter handset with large LCD display;

1 x Rechargeable collar receiver with short(installed) and long prongs & 1 x quality TPU collar strap( black);

1 x Test bulb for testing static pulse stimulation correction;

1 x Charger with dual charging plug (5V1A);

1 x Detailed User's manual (English).

 US buyer will receive order via Free USPS 1st Class MAIL. Low cost for Priority mail  or USPS EXPRESS MAIL. Buyers will receive an email with tracking info immediately after order is processed.

International buyer will receive your order typically within 14-21 days via USPS 1ST CLASS MAIL(Canadian buyer will receive order within 7-10 days) or 7-10 days via USPS Priority mail or 5-7 days via USPS International Express mail. Canadian buyer will have shorter delivery time frame(5-10 days for most packages via 1st class mail).



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