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GrandeLash MD 2ml 3-month supply AUTHORIZED MASTER DEALER Grande Lash EXP 06/20

Наявність на складі: Товар не доступний
Артикул: 201817289572
Стан: Новий
Постачальник: dr.cherry (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: New York, New York
Рейтинг постачальника: 99.8 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 1 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 1327 грн.

Brand: Grande Naturals
MPN: GN1002
Type: Single
Model: GrandeLASH MD
Shade: Assorted
Size: Travel Size
Features: Contains Vitamins

Ціна: 1817 грн

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GrandeLash-MD - Offical Product - 2.0ml   (3 month supply)

100% New, Sealed and Genuine!


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So what is GrandeLASH-MD?

 This breakthrough technology will help you promote longer thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.

 In a little as four to eight weeks GrandeLASHTM-MD can help make poorly developed lashes, brows, small lashes, fragile and thin lashes look longer, thicker and more beautiful.

GrandeLASHTM-MD is made with natural ingredients like vitamins, peptides and amino acids. Most importantly, GrandeLASHTM-MD is Paraben free, so it is safe for use around the eyes.

If you want the appearance of spectacular long lashes or full eyebrows naturally, GrandeLASH-MD is the right product for you. This SAFE and NEW formula will help to improve the appearance of your eyelashes or eyebrows in LENGTH, FULLNESS, THICKNESS and DARKNESS in only 4 to 8 weeks, GUARANTEED for 90 days. Each bottle will provide enough serum for a 3 month supply when used for eyelashes or eyebrows, but not both. Using one 2ml. bottle for both eyelashes and eyebrows will decrease the supply to about 1 month.


Apply as you would a liquid eyeliner, with a single stroke at the base of the upper lash line, nightly just before bedtime on a clean face. Use only ONE dip for both eyes. Do not apply too close to the edge of the eyelid and avoid getting excess fluid into the eye. See results in 4-8 weeks full results in 3 months, then use 3-4 times per week for maintenance.

Over 30: Apply an additional application in the morning, but when this is done, the supply will not last 3 months. You can apply makeup one minute later. If GrandeLash-MD does get into your eye, rinse immediately with sufficient water. Always apply as directed. Safe to use with contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take to see a difference in my eyelashes?

A: Under 30, see results in 2 -4 weeks. Over 30, see results in 4-8 weeks. Full results in 3 months.

Q: What side effects does GrandeLASH-MD have?

A: On a study of 55 patients, 3 patients experienced some tingling or slight stinging that went away in 3-5 days. If the sensation persists and is associated with redness or irritation, please discontinue the use of the product. In our clinical study, we did not find any adverse reactions. It is considered to be safe, however, with any cosmetic product, some people may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients.

Q: Can GrandeLASH-MD change the color of my eye?

A: No. This is false as you do not apply the product into your eye.

Q: What happens when I stop using GrandeLASH-MD?

A: Over time, your lashes will return to their prior length. To maintain results, after your 3 month daily treatment, use 3-4 times a week for maintenance.


Check out our other listings selling official GRANDE Cosmetics LLC. Products. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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