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P-SB7 Spirit Box FM/AM 2018 Rev.4 Ghost Adventure EVP Paranormal Chris Fleming

Наявність на складі: Товар не доступний
Артикул: 293037226141
Постачальник: ghostoutlet (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Schaumburg, Illinois
Рейтинг постачальника: 100.0 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 1 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 2947 грн. + розтаможка 123 грн.

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Ціна: 3560 грн

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Official Retailer of the Spirit Box P-SB7 The world's latest version of the Worlds #1 ITC ghost box,



This is the latest model with the REV.04 revision. 

This new 4th version has the following with a major change*:

It includes:

Free Music Ball Snap-On Speaker (not sold separately)Speaker Includes USB connection for laptop or computer chargingNoise-canceling circuitry on the FM channelFully balanced on the FM and AM sweep so they can be heard equallyAm refinements, creating more radio detail in the AM bandwidth giving you clearer sound during the sweep session.*The major change is the unit now sweeps approx. from 87.8 to 107.9 in the FM freq range, previous versions went lower and we have found no success in the lower radio frequencies below 88. This meant there was more waiting time for results. That gap has been eliminated! Fully illustrated boxThree AAA batteriesEarphonesManufacturer instructions BONUS: HOW TO USE info we have added for our customers. 1 Year manufacturer warrantyThis is the most recent 2018 model. New direct from the manufacturer. 
The P-SB7 utilizes a milli-second adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency "sweep" technique. A seven-step adjustable sweep rate provides user flexibility based on individual technique and session circumstances. There are two discreet audio outputs; (1) 15mW Earphone, and (1) 250mW Speaker. A bright EL backlight display with manual ON/OFF select is ideal for viewing in the dark. The P-SB7 uses three "AAA" batteries. The P-SB7 is intended to be used by professional investigators to help promote the field of Paranormal ITC Research.

The music ball is rechargeable with a USB and PC connection. Lasting up to 6 hours of audio sound. There is a small switch below the black padding to turn the speaker off or on. No need for batteries. 


First version released in 2010 had standard FM & AM channels

2nd Version amplified the FM channel and Detuned the AM channel. Making the AM less noise and quieter.

Rev. 3 brought back the amplification and tuning in the AM and normalized the FM channel. Also had a new chip in the unit swept down to lower frequencies.

We are now at Version 4 (2018).

“The Original Spirit Box was created by Gary Galka (engineer) and myself, Chris Fleming (Medium and Paranormal Investigator). Which is why I sell it on my store, Ghost Outlet. 

I first introduced the demo model of the P-SB7 on Ghost Adventures live in 2009 and have captured some of the most remarkable ITC communications in my lifetime. I personally love the AM mode, but occasionally use the FM mode as well. In 2010 we released the PSB-7 to the world as a commercial unit. 

The term Spirit Box and SB as well as the number 7, were spoken and given during a session with the original demo model. The Question was asked, “What should we call this device?” The response almost immediate was Spirit Box! During a later session, it was asked, “What number should we use with it?” The response was in the likes of, “Seven, eleven, thirteen, …Seven, Seven…….SB7!!!!” Surprisingly the voice coming through named the device “SB7” which is what we call it today.

I do know The FM frequency sweep method has clearly become the preferred technique used by Zak on Ghost Adventures and is used by paranormal enthusiasts worldwide.

As an avid ITC researcher, I do recommend anyone getting this unit if you want a great ITC device to hold in your hand and capture DRVPs.

You can use the MP3 external speaker that comes with it or upgrade to your own high-quality external speaker. I use the Altec Speaker or JBL flip 2 during all my sessions while I record most of them with my H4N Zoom recorder. Later loading on my computer for playback, marking, and analysis. “

– Chris Fleming co-creator of the Spirit Box P-SB-7 with Gary Galka and owner of GhostOutlet.com

Zak Bagans, Chris Fleming, and many other researchers worldwide consider this their #1 tool to communicate and capture ITC (DRVPS/EVPS). 

Check out some of Chris's EVPs and Spirit Box sessions on his YouTube page search Chris Fleming/Ghost Outlet YouTube. 
VIDEO: SB7 Spirit Box Session in Chris's Haunted Home    https://youtu.be/cyBWo_zLWWw

We take great pride in this remarkable product and use the SB7 on every investigation. 

We are a licensed reseller of the SB7 that paranormal researcher and medium Chris Fleming first introduced for the first time on Ghost Adventures Live back in October of 2009.

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